Privacy and Security Statement

We are committed to respect and protect the data of all visitors of our websites in full compliance with official privacy and security laws as stated in DSGVO and TKG. Visitors of our websites shall enjoy browsing and enjoying the contents without worrying that their data will be (mis-)used for any purpose whatsoever.

All data will be strictly and exclusively used in full compliance with official data protection regulations. The following statement depicts the most relevant aspects of data protection within the scope of our websites. As visitors navigate through our websites, certain data about their equipment, browsing actions and patterns are automatically collected by using common internet technologies. The logging of IP addresses and cookies are among the data collected by default.

Cookie policy:

Cookies are small files or parts of files which are stored locally on the visitor´s PC/terminal device. Cookies do not cause any harm on the PC/device and are utilized to create the content on our websites and thus the experience of our website´s visitors as convenient as possible. Furthermore, Cookies allow for an accelerated and faciliated navigation on our websites on the visitor´s next stay.

Cookies do not enable us seeing or retrieving any data stored on the PC/device of the visitor. However, they are a necessary precondition for the visitor to utilize offers and contents on our websites which are mandatory to be authentified (i.e. partner login). Cookies are deleted automatically upon concluding the session (i.e. shutting the browser-window).

Google Analytics:

Our websites uses functionalities supplied by the web analysis tool Google Analytics, a service created and provided by Google LLC, based in Mountain View, CA, USA. Amongst the processed data are demographic attributes, geography and used technology to call up our websites. Cookies are utilized to analyze these data. The gathered information are transferred to and stored on the server of the service provider.

In order to prevent ascertaining and processing their data, visitors can configure their web browser in a way that Cookies cannot be stored by configuring the display settings on or related websites of the service provider.

The relation to the web analysis service tool is based on „Privacy Shield“ principles.

Contact form:

Data of visitors who get in contact with us by means of the contact form or the message box are deleted from our mailings tool after 6 months of the last contact approach of the individual via aforementioned contact means. Upon request, data can and will be deleted prior to the 6 months period.

Any data of the visitor (i.e. e-mail address, visitor´s name/location/phone number) will solely be used by CBCX Technologies GmbH and not be forwarded to 3rd parties without the visitor´s assent. The cession of any data ensues only to service providers (such as data processing companies) which guarantee sufficient warranty for a lawful and secure data usage.

Rights of website visitors:

Visitors of our websites are in principle entitled to disclosure, correction, deletion, reservation, data transferability, revocation and objection. Individuals may report any suspicion of improper processing of data or any other violations of valid data protection regulations to competent authorizations/data protection agencies.

Links to other websites:

Our websites may contain links to other websites. Compliance with relevant data protection regulations for external websites rest on the respective website´s operator and are beyond the scope of responsibility of CBCX Technologies GmbH.

Further information:

As the operator of and all of its websites, CBCX Technologies GmbH applies the utmost level of diligence to be in full accordance with administrative and technical standards of security as required by data protection regulations. For further information on our data protection standards, please contact us:
CBCX Technologies GmbH | +43 732 681666-0 |